Fresh and Spicy Chana Dal Dalmot with Peanuts - 400g

Spicy and healthy snack to shake you up and put you back to work.


The Lakshmi Recipes - Homemade  Chana Dalmoth is the perfect Chai Time Partner, that is prepared fresh at home everytime, as per order and is free from any sort of additives or preservatives.


The Lakshmi Recipes - Homemade Chana Dalmoth is a fresh and crispy chatpata snack that makes every munching enjoyable. Relish it at home with your family or at office and make your anytime-chai more enjoyable.


At Lakshmi Recipes, the Chana Dalmoth is made fresh and in small quantities and send to our customers within few days as per their order.  So, why wait!! Go ahead, place your order and allow us 7 days to ship it to your doorstep.

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Lakshmi Recipes

Lakshmi Recipes is a brand of homemade products made with local produce and traditional recipes. We don't use any artificial colours or flavours.

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