Pure Raw Jamun Honey - 400g

Jamun honey is widely known for being useful in case of diabetic people


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Pure & Natural - The Lakshmi Recipes - Jamun Honey is a dark & slightly bitter variant of honey, that has a strong aroma of jamun and is highly rich in minerals and vitamins.


A spoonful of Raw Jamun Honey if consumed daily, helps in reducing the stress level and relaxes the whole body & mind. Not only is it low in calories , but also rich in phytochemicals & Vitamin C. Being rich in fibre content, the Jamun Honey is diruretic, ideal for treating heart diseases, asthma, arthritis, dysentry & anaemia and improves libido in men.


Sourced directly from the farms where honey bees are fed on the flowers of jamun tree, the Lakshmi Recipes - Jamun Honey is free from any artificial sweetner, color or additives. Pair it with your fruit salad, oatmeal or toast, this honey can be incorporated in daily diet to stay immune from cold, cough or sore throat. 


Bottled in easy-to-use glass jars, the honey can be preserved and consumable for a long duration.

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