Raw Leechi Honey - 400g

A speciality of Muzaffarpur Bihar, Leechi Honey is sweet and has a subtle flavour of Leechi.


Pure & Natural - The Lakshmi Recipes - Litchi Honey is light and buttery with a melt-in-the-mouth taste & a range of health benefits.


From being a great source of Vitamin C, proanthocyanidins & polyphenolic compounds, the Litchi Honey is helpful in curing digestive issues, improving blood circulation, wound healing and skin repairing. It can be used directly in face masks that not only mosturizes the skin but also helps fight aging.


The Lakshmi Recipes - Litchi Honey is collected from farms where the honey bees are fed on the blossoms of litchi flowers, that harvest in June. Free from any type of artificial sweetners or additives - it is good for boosting overall immunity. Relish it with your oatmeal, toast or bread, plain lime water or pancake, a spoonful of Litchi Honey will energize for the entire day.


Bottled in easy-to-use glass jars, the honey can be preserved and consumable for a long duration.

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