Raw Tulsi Honey - 400g

Tulsi Honey widely known for its medicinal properties but only those who have tasted it knows how tasty it is.


Pure & Natural - The Lakshmi Recipes - Tulsi Honey has a deep amber hue with a mild and sweet herbal taste.


An amazing immunity booster, the Tulsi Honey has a wide range of medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties. Its usage relieves from cold, cough and other respiratory infections, reduces stress level, improves skin health and treats acidity & indigestion.


Highly rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants, the Lakshmi Recipes - Tulsi Honey is collected from farms where the honey bees are fed on the blossoms of tulsi flowers. Free from any type of artificial sweetners or additives - it is rich source of carbohydrates. Pair it with your fruit salad, green tea, toast or bread, plain lime water or pancake, a spoonful of Tulsi Honey will not only energize for the entire day but also protect you against various infections.


Bottled in easy-to-use glass jars, the honey can be preserved and consumable for a long duration.

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