Sweet Mango Pickle - 400g

Raw mango cooked in spicy and sweet sugar syrup.


The Lakshmi Recipes - Homemade Sweet Mango Pickle is a delectable traditional "Aam Ka Meetha Achaar" that goes well with any stuffed paratha, Poori or kachori.


The pickle is prepared from fresh & handpicked, seasonal, green and raw mangoes freshly ground spices and sulphur-free sugar.


It serves as a great condiment with spicy stuffed paratha and kachoris. It's lip-smacking sweet & tangy taste is sure to make you crave for more last bites. Cooked with utmost precision & love, the Lakshmi Recipes - Homemade Sweet Mango Pickle preserves the traditional age-old recipe of the "Aam Ka Meetha Achaar".


The pickle is bottled in easy to use and beautiful glass jars to preserve the original flavors of the ingredients and make it consumable for a longer period.

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